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Pure Vapocoll with 99.7% Pure Native Soluble Marine Collagen

Pure Vapocoll is an ultra-hydrating mist spray formulated with 99.7% Pure Native Soluble Marine Collagen Type 1. Pure Vapocoll permeates the skin for better moisturization, promotes healthy-looking skin, tone evenly the color of your skin and refine skin texture. It moisturizes and beautifies the skin, concealing visible signs of aging, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.


Skin types

For all skin types. Ability to promote healthy-looking skin and dramatically improves the appearance of skin on chest, décolleté and varicose veins.

Recommended use

Apply to affected area of face and/or body as needed. Allow to penetrate for 1 minute.

For chest and décolleté.

Apply Pure Vapocoll to moisturize the skin after sun exposure.

After using a tanning bed, apply Pure Vapocoll to moisturize the skin.


Store in refrigerator or other cool place.

(naturally sourced)

Aqua, 99.7% Native Soluble Marine Collagen and 0.2% phenoxy-ethanol

(INCI names: International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients)

This product contains no Paraben, Glycol, PEGs or any other chemical. 


About Type I Collagen

The most abundant collagen in the human body is Native Soluble Collagen Type 1,
which accounts for 90%. Type I collagen also makes up 75% of your skin,
and plays a role in the formation of tendons, bones, corneas and internal organs.